Lloyd’s Register (LR), Cargill Worldwide, Minerva Dry and Nantong COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co (NACKS) have collaborated on the design of a kamsarmax bulk provider with methanol and rotor sail functionality.

Chris Hughes, decarbonisation specialist at Cargill, praised the workforce’s willingness to problem the established order, and to think about new concepts and applied sciences. 

“Relatively than beginning with a traditional fuelled design and including on some restricted readiness we primarily designed a methanol fuelled ship first, and labored backwards from there for the methanol-ready model. The result’s a design that’s really prepared and possible for conversion,” Hughes mentioned.

Nikos Kakalis, world bulk carriers section director at Lloyd’s Register, mentioned: “It’s completely important that stakeholders throughout the maritime worth chain proceed to work collectively to offer commercially viable bulk carriers to satisfy the sector’s calls for while prioritising designs that adjust to tightening GHG emission rules.”